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Howard Green spent almost fifteen years anchoring at BNN, Canada's national business television network which he helped found and launch in 1999.  He is best known for his work as host of Headline with Howard Green, the flagship interview show on BNN which he hosted until his departure at the end of May, 2014.

Charles Bronfman's memoirs

Alongside Charles Bronfman, Green has co-authored a new book entitled Distilled: A Memoir of Family, Seagram, Baseball and Philanthropy---Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Amazon bestseller.  Former Prime Minister of Canada, the Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney calls it a "fascinating book".  Bud Selig, commissioner emeritus of Major League Baseball calls it "compelling and absolutely fascinating to read".  And the Honourable Rosalie Silberman Abella of the Supreme Court of Canada calls it a "magical and magnetic story...and a great read!"

Maclean's calls Distilled a "candid, engaging and at times poignant memoir". 

The Montreal Gazette calls Distilled "decidedly candid".

Winnipeg Free Press "spirited read...unusually candid...easy-to-read tell-all"

Policy Magazine calls Distilled "compelling...honest, enchanting book"

The Walrus on Distilled "conversational style...an admirable job"

Howard Green's upcoming book, Banking on America

Green's first book, Banking on America: How TD Bank Rose to the Top and Took on the USA was published by HarperCollins in January 2013. In its first week on the shelves, it made "The Globe and Mail" bestseller list. It has also been on the list of bestselling business books. Banking on America is available in stores or online at Chapters/Indigo and Amazon.  It was released in paperback in the USA in May 2014 where it is available at amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. 

Toronto Star calls it "chatty...engrossing...page-turner...solid work of business history."

Indigo says "It's rare that you stay up late to read a story about a bank."

Literary Review of Canada calls Banking on America "fast-paced...full of anecdotes and rare glimpses...Green has performed a public service."

Green is also the host and executive producer of a new podcast, Ignition with Howard Green, available on iTunes and other podcasting platforms.  Please visit and "like" the Ignition with Howard Green Facebook page.

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